Our Story

Dear NüSauce Family,

As a little girl, I was captivated by the heart of our home: our family's kitchen. That’s where I first witnessed the magic of flavors, in the hands of my mother - an artist in her own right, skillfully merging spices and ingredients into dishes that spoke of love, history, and celebration.

However, life took me on a unique journey. From the warmth of my family kitchen, I found myself in the fiercely disciplined world of bodybuilding. Fitness became my outlet to cope, my passion, but with it came the challenging task of balancing a strict diet and the rich flavors I had grown up savoring.

The NuSauce Founders
I still remember those days of frustration when bland, repetitive meals seemed to be the only choice for someone committed to their fitness goals. But then I thought, why should anyone have to choose between taste and health?


With my mother by my side, we embarked on a mission. Our kitchen transformed into a sanctuary of creativity, blending the traditions of Latin cuisine with the requirements of a bodybuilder's regimen. We experimented, laughed over failures, celebrated small victories, and slowly but surely, NuSauce was born.

Every bottle of NuSauce embodies our journey - a tribute to our family's culinary legacy and my personal commitment to fitness. It’s my way of sharing a piece of my heart, my story, and my family’s love for food with you.

I invite you, from the depth of my heart, to dive into the world of NuSauce. To taste the love, dedication, and the spirit of never settling for anything less than the best.


Remember, with NuSauce, you're not just enjoying a sauce; you're embracing a legacy, a passion, and a journey that understands and celebrates the magic that happens when fitness meets flavor.

With love and gratitude,

Maria Carvajal